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Frequently Asked Questions

Are International students entitled to public transport discounts?

If you need to travel by train, bus, ferry or light rail, you could be eligible for a special 90 or 365-day MyMulti ticket because you are an international student.

A 90 or 365-day MyMulti 2 or 3 ticket will let you have unlimited travel in the zones you

Go to to register or buy your ticket.

However, please be advised, when you start applying online, you will be asked for your unique one-time MyMulti code. You can get this code from your education provider, in this case AICL.

Once you get your unique one-time MyMulti code, you can proceed with buying your ticket online.

Please note these codes are valid only for one time usage and in order to apply for a new travel discount ticket once the old one has expired, you will be required to get your new unique code, from your education provider.

Also, your AICL student card may give you discounts at some of Sydney’s attractions, movie theatres and selected restaurants.

How long will it take to get my visa?

Visa processing times may vary from case to case. There are no set guidelines for processing times.

What attractions are close to the AICL campus?

AICL is in a great location and is within easy walking distance to:

  1. Chinatown
  2. Darling Harbour
  3. Powerhouse Museum
  4. Sydney Wildlife World
  5. Sydney Aquarium
What do I need to do to apply for my visa?

Details of what documents are required for your particular case are available from the visa wizard on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website. You may also wish to speak to one of our authorized agents for assistance.

When will I receive my BUPA (OSHC) card? What and how can I claim with BUPA (OSHC)?

After your arrival and registration for the course you will be able to order your card through the BUPA website. BUPA will send a welcome pack and card to your nominated address.

Details of what can and can’t be claimed with BUPA (OSHC) is available from here:

To see the price lists for BUPA (OSHC) click here